Since you have business and import cargo from outbond country to Indonesia, you must know import rules and custom clearance in Jakarta. many peoples or companies does not know about this situation, they import cargo from China, singapore, Hongkong, Australia, Malaysia, USA, germany and others countries without care view import rules of Indonesia,that effectly they cargo can not out from Customs area. even they cargo will be owned by States. for this topic, i will try give you several tips before you doing import cargo to Indonesia (Jakarta) commonly. below several tips import cargo :


  •  Please provide Packing list and Invoice list of the cargo. it’s one of several item import custom requirement in Indonesia
  • Please ask to Supplier. what is HS CODE identity of the cargo, this number for check how much Duty Tax and know others requirement will be needed for import customs in Indonesia
  • Please provide Bill of Lading from Shipping Lines.
  • Please provide Sales Contract ( if any )
  • Please provide Brosure of the cargo (if any)
  • Please provide NIK ( Customs Identity) each importir from Indonesia must has it.
  • Please provide SIUP and TDP ( Company established identity) each importir from Indonesia must has it
  • Please provide NPWP each Importir from Indonesia must has it.
  • Please provide Letter of Duty for arrange in Customs area


Thank you for your attention, hopefully can usefully for all importir, trading who wants import cargo and other business man. Hopefully success always.



Thank you




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