Welcome to Putra Market, special one best solution freight services for export  to Australia, Germany, Dili (Timor Leste) and Import from Singapore, Malaysia. Putra Market provide various kind services to suit the needs of companies or personal both export and import shipment. Putra Market take up Furniture shipment, relocation, package cargo, household equipment, medical tools , spare part of machine etc. Putra Market is designed specifically to support and give best solution freight with efficiency and effectively cost to customer. Putra Market has support thousands customer arrange export import cargo to arrounf the world. When you look for more know about shipping, freight or other. Please let us know and do not hesitate contact us 6221 94797129 / 6285927486136, email mpbn_se@yahoo.co.id or mpbn.nh@gmail.com. Thank you for your attention, hopefully will be your partner and do business together.