Sometimes  peoples want moving from one country to other country, they are don’t know what have to do. They are don’t know what is requirement of international moving which must be needed. In here please let me sharing about what is requirement of International moving. When you want move from Indonesia to Australia,Singapore, Malaysia, Germany and others countries, you must make sure several attention :


I.          EXPORT MOVING :



  1. Please make sure your goods is personal goods and not Dangerous Goods
  2. Plesase make sure what is packaging will be used, since use wooden, that is mean have to fumigation firstly, but if use box, please good packaging.
  3. If your cargo less 100 KGS, I think prefer use air freight, but when your cargo more 500 KGS or about up 5M3, it is prefer use sea freight.
  4. Shipper must  provide packing list, Invoice List and Copy Passport.
  5. Shipper must booking air or sea freight ( this situation can be coordinated with Freight forwarding)
  6. You can coordinate with international freight forwarding for moving your cargo.




  1. You can coordinate with International freight forwading for custom Clarence in Indonesia
  2. Please Provide Packing list, Invoice list and passport with endorse from embassy of Indonesia
  3. Please make sure packaging of goods.
  4. A customer can coordinate with International freight forwarding to calculate how many cost for local charge in Indonesia.
  5. When your goods is new, that is mean probably will be charged  duty tax.
  6. When you use wooden package, your cargo must fumigation.
  7. A customer  have to make choice what will be used for shipment, air or sea freight.


Thank you for your attention, hopefully this article  is useful for a client who want moving, when you want know more you can share with me and do not hesitate contact us 6221 94797129/6285927486136, email Hopefully will be your partner.